China – The Leader In Smoking

Monday, January 31, 2011 6:21
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A global panel of experts has warned China that health problems caused by smoking related habits would obstruct its economic growth badly.

Reportedly, just because of smoking, the amount of money being spent on health problems is much more than the support of tobacco industry in terms of revenue and jobs it creates.

The China Daily quoted them as saying that China’s obsession to earn huge profits from the State-owned tobacco monopoly is obstructing anti-smoking measures, possibly costing many lives in the country. Currently, China is far ahead than other countries as it has the world’s largest number of smokers.

The report ‘Tobacco Control and the Future of China’ which is made by a group of public health experts and economists also carries some warnings.The report has asked the government to give strong backing to tobacco-control measures. “As the health impact of smoking, including rising heart disease and lung cancer, gradually emerges, unless there is effective government intervention, it will affect China’s overall economic growth due to lost productivity,” Yang Gonghuan, Deputy Director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said.

As per the report, giving medication to people for smoking-related health problems and dealing with other tobacco-related issues, such as pollution, cost the Chinese Government Yuan 61.8 billion.

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