Doctors on path of annulling the ageing process

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 0:10
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For long, people have been for the wonder drug that will stop ageing or increase life expectancy for the masses. It seems like a Harvard doctor is closer to developing this remarkable drug that all desire. But instead of reversing ageing, this drug would make the human body healthier by replenishing all vital organs. With the help of a perfected medicine of this sort, cardiovascular maladies and Alzheimer’s can be avoided, while the hair & skin would regain the splendor of the youth. Another great effect of this treatment will be that the fertility of the consumer would increase and people of both sexes would be able to sire children at ripe ages.

Dr. Ronald DePinho, a cancer specialist at Harvard University, has tested the miracle drug in mice and got results that even he did not expect. In the detailed coverage of the achievement published in Nature magazine, it was reported that the skin, brains, guts as well as other vital organs of the mice in question could be likened to those of an 80year old human. But, in less than two months into the research, Dr. DePinho observed that there was remarkable change in the appearance of the mice, and they seemed to be completely renewed. Moreover, they were absolutely infertile before the tests began, but had brought forth large litters at the time of the recording of results.

The unexpected effects emanated from the action of the drug on telomeres, which are a sort of caps for chromosomes, with function being the protection of the chromosomes. As one ages, the telomeres’ size reduces, thereby increasing the instances of Alzheimer’s and allied ailments. In due course of time, their size reduces to the limits and the cells die. This cell-death can be avoided if a naturally-occurring enzyme, called telomerase, can be activated, which is exactly what the drug in question did. Dr. DePinho’s drug shocked the enzyme in the mice, thereby altering the ageing process of the test subjects, which had replicated that of humans.

According to the doctor, the basic effects can be termed as giving an 80year old the body of a 50year old. If administered in middle age, this medicine would easily slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s, heart diseases & diabetes, and even increase lifespan. The doctor is now going to direct his energies into developing such a drug for mass usage, but he told the Daily Mail that there is a lot of work to be done, since factors other than telomeres would contribute to the success of the medication. His contemporaries have hailed the discovery as ‘beautiful’, but commented that the perfected anti-ageing drug is a decade away.

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