To Beat Breast Cancer, Women Should Give Importance To Their Overall Health

Friday, April 8, 2011 1:39
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A new study has revealed that good, overall health might be linked with better results for breast cancer survivors.

Researchers, who are working on After Breast Cancer Pooling Project, studied the data collected from more than 9,000 primary stage breast cancer survivors. And, they all have found that women who have poor physical health had a 27% high recurrence rate of their breast cancer. They even found that women with poor health have high chances of getting affected by breast cancer. Moreover, the researchers also stated that women with poor health are at 65 percent higher risk of death from any such cause.

Out of those 9,000 women studied, about half of them were found to have poor physical health.

With this study, the researchers also found out that breast cancer survivors who have poor physical health are prone to more problems while sleeping. They are at a 50 percent higher risk of getting affected with high blood pressure and arthritis.

One of the researchers stated in a news release that “Instead of looking at breast cancer survivors as a whole, we need to focus on the women with low physical health scores, those most at risk.” Further he added that “An increase of 5 percent in their physical health scores can reduce their risk. We can empower them to take charge of their health and thereby improve their chance of survival as well as their quality of life.”

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