Pilates- for a strong and well toned body

Thursday, July 29, 2010 7:57
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pilates movesJoseph H. Pilates, the founder of the Pilates exercise, was always suffering from asthma, rickets and a number of other diseases during his childhood. In order to make himself disease free, he followed different health benefiting exercises. During World War I he discovered a new form of exercise to help the wounded and immobilized soldiers which became renowned by the name of Pilates. This form of exercise helped to improve flexibility, posture and build body’s core strength. Most exercises consist of stretching, are easy to perform and very flexible in nature and helps condition, control and balance both the mind and body.

Since this exercise requires intense focus and concentration it has proved beneficial for patients with Parkinson’s disease. It is also very helpful during pregnancy but should always be performed under the supervision of a trainer. It helps build immense stamina and centers around principles like;

  • Concentration,

  • Precision,

  • Control,

  • Breathing and

  • Flowing movements.

The Pilates exercise can be done by using just a mat or by use of different machines for strengthening the body. It is quite different from other forms of exercise since it targets not only the body, but the mind, soul and spirit as a whole. The breathing techniques help to reduce anxiety, tension and depression to a large extent. Moreover the ‘core’ i.e. muscles of the back and the abdominal muscles and area surrounding it, becomes very strong. The best part is that Pilates helps the body to become supple, agile and strong gives a toned and lean look without building bulky muscles.

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