Newly Invented Heart Pump Can Reduce The Stroke Risk

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 6:02
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A woman from Quebec, Canada is the first one from the country to test a newly invented heart pump, which is likely to lessen the risk of stroke considerably, making her Valentine Day especially sweet.

In the month of December 2010, doctors from the McGill University Health Centre fixed a C-Pulse cuff on 54year old Lauza Legere’s artery to pump oxygen through her body.

The cuff moves blood by squeezing the artery rhythmically, and that is something the reported woman’s body wasn’t doing well since her August 2010 heart attack.

Generally, the heart pumps are temporarily fixed inside the body’s largest artery; however, the C-Pulse is positioned outside the body, and then with each heartbeat the cuff pumps up & down.

In a telephonic interview, while explaining that before getting the pump it was difficult for her to even take a breath, Lauza Legere stated, “I feel much better than before.”

Further she also said, “I stopped every two or three words because I was out of breath. I wasn’t able to walk. With the pump, it helps my heart to get the oxygen that I wasn’t able to have.”

This newly invented C-Pulse cuff has many benefits over the traditional heart pumps. There is no need to make openings inside the heart or cut any major blood vessels during the process of fitting the device.

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