Anorexia – Eating you away?

Friday, August 27, 2010 0:03
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In the present day scenario, various eating disorders are affecting the health and lives of the younger generation. One of the primary mental as well as physical sicknesses destroying the children is anorexia nervosa, a fairly new disease. The individuals suffering from it refuse to eat in order to stay slim, even if their body weight is less than normal. The cause of this disease has not been ascertained yet, even though certain genes and mental conditions are being held as its cause.

Young adults, aged between 14 and 18 are the ones most susceptible to anorexia nervosa, even though many cases have been reported for people aged as much as 50 years. The persons suffering from this disease tend not to eat as they think it will make them look thin, and, therefore, attractive. Rapid weight loss takes place and the person ends up losing as much as 15% of the body mass required to stay healthy. Soon thereafter small, fine hair follicles start developing all over the body too. The other risks involved with it are anxiety, weakness, brittle skin, shortness of breath and obsessiveness about calorie intake.

And, like other mental diseases, combating anorexia nervosa is not an easy task. It takes enormous support from friends and family to even make the person consider it a disorder. This condition makes one go into denial mode and does not allow him/her to accept that he/she may be unhealthy. But, after careful counseling and tremendous help from the loved ones, this disease can easily be treated. So, remember to eat healthy and stay fit, and exercise if you want to stay slim!

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