Is your McDonalds’ Happy Meal made of plastic?

Saturday, October 16, 2010 5:28
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4951854908_84c57821d9In an experiment that can cause colossal damage to the McDonalds franchise across the world, a Happy Meal served in Manhattan has turned to plastic after being kept under observation for six months. Even though the world’s largest fast food chain has termed it to be ‘an outlandish claim’, if the credibility of this claim is proven, it could mean the end of the happy face of Ronald McDonald. The experiment, christened ‘The Happy Meal Project’, was carried out by Manhattan based artist Kelly Davies, who ordered the meal on April 10, 2010 and has been photographing it daily.

She says that the Happy Meal stopped emanating any smells after two days of buying it and did not show any deterioration for two weeks. The fries and burger patty shriveled a bit but shoed no sign of decomposition apart from that. This is a commendable feat, albeit a disturbing one, which shows how many preservative chemicals are used in preparing the favorite meal of kids under 13 worldwide. Davies claims that, as time progressed, the meal has turned ‘plastic to the touch and has an acrylic sheen to it’. Typically, food develops fungus within two days and decomposes in a short while.

If the claim is proven to be true to any degree, it will hurt McDonalds where it hurts the most – in the pocket. She was prompted to conduct this unique experiment when she told a friend of hers about a schoolteacher who had kept a burger from the same franchise for 12 years, which ‘didn’t change at all’. But, her friend did not believe her and she decided to show him the reality, even though she maintains that it could have been a burger from any of the fast food joints. I just happened that McDonalds was closest to her house. Sad for the franchise, indeed.

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