Tips to have a healthy heart!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 8:11
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Heart disease is one of the main health concerns and a leading cause of death for both men as well as women. In spite of this very few of us actually take preventive measure to keep our heart healthy and disease free. Though hereditary factors are sometimes unavoidable, but still a lot depends on how we follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain our eating and sleeping habits. Here are a few essential tips to have a glowing and strong heart:

  • We must have got used to listening about the hazardous effects of smoking or using tobacco products. And when it comes to prevention of heart disease, this is one bad habit that must be avoided at all costs. Smoking tobacco can lead to damage of blood vessels, atherosclerosis and ultimately death.
  • Physical activity and following a regular exercise regime is a sure shot way to stay healthy. It not only makes the heart strong but also controls cholesterol, body weight, high blood pressure, diabetes and reduces stress. The benefits of exercising regularly have innumerable benefits that cannot be substituted.
  • Eating a heart-healthy diet comprising of foods low in fat, cholesterol and salt and rich in fruits vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products have always helped the body to function better. Fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acid is also very beneficial for the heart. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible.
  • Apart from this eat on time and sleep on time to keep your body tough, supple and glowing with health.
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