The Truth about Agave Syrup

Saturday, August 28, 2010 8:27
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As the health conscious people grow in numbers, the requirement of the food production industry to provide them with the healthy food also increases dramatically. And, in search for a product that can satisfy the demands of the health conscious community, the food industry has developed a dangerous syrup. Agave syrup has been developed as a substitute for sugar, and is aimed to help those suffering from diabetes. It has been very well received by one and all, and has become a popular food product for the health conscious within a short span of time.

But, contrary to popular opinion, it causes much more harm than sugar or even honey. Agave nectar has been widely heralded as a savior for the health conscious due to its extremely low glychemic content. Material that contains high glychemic content creates raises blood sugar to higher level. So, obviously, people accepted this fact as the most beneficiary one. Alas, the fructose content of Agave syrup is double that of sugar or high fructose corn syrup, making it the worst enemy of a diabetic person.

Another fact which the makers of this dangerous product chose to hide is that the inulin contained in agave is purposefully removed by introducing it to enzymes that break it down. The breakdown of inulin produces fructose, which lends Agave nectar its sweetness. Fructose also affects the metabolic processes of the human body negatively and raises blood sugar twice as much as glychemic material. It also creates barriers for actions of insulin, which happens to be the only known drug effective against diabetes.

Even educational institutions and academicians are calling it the triumph of marketing over science. It has become needless to say that Agave nectar is the bane of those looking to improve their health.

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