Stay Healthy during the Monsoons

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 6:12
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After the scorching heat suffered by one and all during the summers, monsoons are a welcome change, as they cool down the atmosphere, bring down the temperature and bring respite to us. But, upon the advent of rains, a horde of sicknesses is also observed, and a war is waged by the environment on our unprepared immune systems. But, even if the rainy season may bring a plethora of vectors for diseases with itself, we can give you a few tips that can help you in safeguarding yourself and avoid getting sick.

The first thing that you would notice after a rain is water puddle, which is formed on every road; these puddles are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which spread malaria & dengue, a disease that can be deadly if not avoided. Use a mosquito net at home and mosquito repellant creams if you happen to be away from home. Also, try to avoid places where such water puddles are present, since, by not going near these water collections, you are also eliminating the chance of getting fungi-based diseases that are associated with this season.

Apart from this, rain water can also seep inside drink water collection centers and end up contaminating the potable water. So, you should boil tap water at home and drink purified water that is marketed by well known companies in order to stay healthy. Further more, while preparing food, you should keep in mind that the food intake is usually less in summers, due to dehydration, and in the monsoons, you tend to eat much more. So, prepare food from rice, wheat and other light grains that can help in maintaining the appetite without harming it in any way.

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